Isabella Cat Clinic – Premier Veterinarian for Cats

icc_logoIsabella Cat Clinic is the premier feline-only practice located in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and headed by Dr. Catherine Lindstrand, DVM. 

In order to provide you and your feline companions with the best care possible, our practice focuses solely on cats. Due to the many recent advances in veterinary medicine, we feel that such focus enables us to provide our patients with the most complete and sophisticated care possible. Click here to learn more about the benefits of a feline-only practice. Read more about our veterinarians.

  • Why choose Isabella Cat Clinic?
    • Comprehensive services provided with professionalism and care.
    • Orderly and Adequate Medical Records: These are critical for your cat’s welfare and continuity of care. Records are reviewed on-site as well as submitted to an outside consultant. There must be an individual record for each patient.
    • Complete Diagnostic Capabilities:  This includes the examination room, radiology services, clinical pathology services, and the equipment necessary to provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services. The facility is fully equipped to make prompt, accurate diagnosis and treatment. An onsite library of basic textbooks and current periodicals is also required.
    • Complete Anesthetic Procedures:  Our hospital will conduct a pre-anesthetic examination before surgery and provide safe, painless, state of the art anesthesia during surgery, and appropriate relief medications after the procedure.
    • Modern Surgery Procedures: Our hospital has an aseptic, single-use room for surgery. Proper lighting, sterile equipment and procedures, and easy access to drugs and equipment are required.
    • Nursing Care: This is a vital part of an efficient animal hospital. Skilled veterinary staff contribute greatly to the professional care pets receive from diagnosis through recuperation.