Reviews & Testimonials

by Anonymous on 02/10/201

The staff at Isabella Cat Clinic are excellent. They greet customers warmly and genuinely enjoy cats! The service I receive is always courteous and professional. I trust the advice I receive without question and know that they are concerned about my cat’s health. I will always bring my cats to the ICC.

by Carrie Appold on 02/10/2017

Dr. Lindstrand and her staff are the best. My cats don’t like going to the vet and Dr. Lindstrand and her staff make it as pleasant for them as it can possibly be. There was a mix-up in my appointment and they graciously accommodated me when I showed up unexpectedly. Highly recommend.


by Daniela Teodorescu on 02/07/2017

Thank you so much for the caring, kind, gentle, respectful, professional care that you gave my Kiki at the end of his life. The doctor was so careful and attentive and informative. She was willing to do so many things to help Kiki, while at the same time giving wise advice. I finally understood what was happening to my poor kitty. The vet techs took the time to make friends with Kiki and he appreciated one of them lightly caressing his chin and cheeks after allowing him to sniff her finger. It gives me much needed peace to have these memories of his last trip to the vet. I wish I had switched sooner. I am grateful that you were there for me and my kitty.

by Megan Cavellier on 02/03/2017

Being a first-time cat owner, I wasn’t sure what vet to choose. I went with Isabella Cat Clinic and I am so glad I did, they have been fantastic since day 1! My cat has had a few serious health problems come up lately, and the Isabella Cat Clinic has been perfect in explaining everything to me. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been very kind and happy to answer however many questions I have. Setting up appointments is easy, they are very clear about what’s happening and all of the pricing, and so on. I would very highly recommend this clinic to anybody.

by Melanie McQuiston on 02/01/2017

Dr. Lindstrand answered all of my questions and did the least invasive procedures necessary. The whole staff was very friendly and nice and answered anything I had to ask. 🙂

by Andrew Crowe on 01/20/2017

I would recommend this clinic to any cat owners in the area. Everyone I encountered there was kind and knowledgeable. Prices seem quite fair, and I appreciate having a total to approve before any treatments are carried out, along with the knowledge to evaluate what may or may not be immediately necessary. I will definitely be getting regular care for my cat here!

by Erin Gauthier on 01/18/2017

I found the Isabella Cat Clinic to be very professional but also very caring and informative. They were able to get my cat in for an appointment very quickly. They made us feel welcome and that our cat was in very capable, compassionate hands.

by Munirah Alothman on 01/13/2017

Best cat care and loving staff!

by Bill Trussell on 01/12/2017

Friendly cheerful caring people who love cats!!! Excellent Veterinary care by an experienced staff who care for your kitty and answer whatever questions one might have! Dr. Lindstrand is the finest Vet I have ever met and I always feel my Millie cat is in very good hands! I very much appreciate that!

Thanks to you all.

by Linda Traum on 01/06/2017

We now bring all 3 of our kitties here. They are always kind and caring. Kitties are less stressed with no dogs in the waitin room. Great place to get health needs for your feline family member.

by Anonymous on 01/03/2017

I had such a great experience with the Isabella Cat Clinic. The staff was very friendly and informative during my cat’s examination. They truly had gone the extra mile to ensure my cat’s safety before administering vaccinations. His temperature was a little high due to nerves, so they placed him in a quiet and dark room to calm him for 20 minutes and then took his temperature again. It worked! I would highly recommend the Isabella Cat Clinic for your furry friend. They truly have a passion for what they do.

by Dawn McKnight on 01/03/2017

I really liked watching how well they handled Kitty; moved her around as needed but always stroking and cuddling her. She wasn’t even mad at me when we got home.

by David Whale on 12/30/2016

Very kind, knowledgeable, and encouraging

by Justine Shall on 12/28/2016

The doctor was amazing and attentive to my furball, Roberta. She needed serious help, and Doc made sure she had what she needed. 10 hours later, my cat is back to her normal, crazy, spastic self. Thank you!!! And thank you to the nurse who had to deal with my cat’s mess. You are very much appreciated!!!

by Anonymous on 12/18/2016

We love Doctor Lindstrand and staff!

by Robert Bonasse on 12/11/2016

All of your staff were professional and friendly to us….we have been there 3 or 4 visits now and even our cat enjoys being there……the car ride for our cat, not so much, she is spoiled though……have a good day

Great care and reasonable prices.

by Jodi Kern on 12/07/2016

Always an awesome experience. They always treat our cats like they are their own. Thank you for the gentle treatment!!!

by Rebecca Draper on 11/18/2016

The staff is very knowledgeable. They answered all my questions and I felt safe leaving my kitty there.

by Nancy Jacob on 11/17/2016

I took my 23 year old tabby Tinker to the Cat Clinic with a flea problem. I was so happy to be able to bring her in immediately. I found Dr Lindstrand to be very friendly and knowledgeable. Her staff was very professional. I would definitely take my baby back there.

by April Nahgahgwon on 11/17/2016

As always, Georgia was considerate and professional and was able to answer my questions and provide the medicine my cat, Sedona, needed. I’ve never been disappointed at this clinic.

by Anonymous on 11/17/2016

The people are very friendly and good at what they do. I’ve always had a good experience bringing my cat in there, or even when I just stop in to ask questions!

by Jean Mitchell on 11/02/2016

Close, caring attention!

by Nancy Jacob on 10/26/2016

I’m very happy with the care Tinker received. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Tinker is doing much better today and I would recommend Isabella Cat Clinic to anyone. Great job!!!

by David Darnell on 10/22/2016

Took care of our cat asap even though I didn’t have an appointment which I wasn’t aware of no walk-ins.

by Anonymous on 10/18/2016

Amazing service, techs are very informative without being pushy. The doctor is great. I wouldn’t take my cats anywhere else.. I also really like that I got such detailed info on my print out after the surgery. They even told me who helped and did the surgery so that I could call with questions. Come here, it’s great!!

by Anonymous on 10/12/2016

The staff and doc were terrific as always!

by Karen Haskin on 10/10/2016

Very cat friendly

by Polly Culberson on 10/08/2016

The staff are all kind, efficient and understanding. Dr. Lindstrand was so very thorough, discovering that Baby has hyperthyroidism. I only knew he’d gotten thinner, not even guessing the reason for it. Everyone took all the time needed to cover all of both my kitties’ health and wellness issues. I am most grateful for all the service and kindness. I don’t know of another special place just for cats and would advise anyone to use this practice.

by Anonymous on 10/03/2016

My cats love Kellee. She is awesome and does a wonderful job making them (and their mom) feel comfortable in an otherwise stressful situation.

by Anonymous on 10/02/2016

Staff was wonderful and treated my cat with the utmost respect.

by Paul Bleuer on 09/19/2016

Very friendly and caring, I would highly recommend.

by DJ and Sean Wilkins on 09/17/2016

Awesome Awesome place!!! When I brought my cat there, they instantly took him out the cage and gave him a hug and kiss!!! I feel so comfortable leaving my cat here because I know he is in good hands. I have boarded my cat here at least three times and drive a hour each way just to do so….

by Chance Alumbaugh on 09/10/2016

Had a great experience, friendly and knowledgable staff!

by Anonymous on 09/10/2016

The whole experience was very laid back. I was nervous to have my kitten looked at and have its initial examination, but they took care of him quick and answered all of my questions. The staff was very pleasant and gentle with every step of the process. They were also very thorough and clear on what they planned to do and what was recommended. Will be coming back!

by Taylor Ronk on 09/07/2016

The staff was nice and informative.

by David Whale on 09/07/2016

Very kind and competent

by Jennipher Gibbons on 08/31/2016

Saber was seen for an emergency procedure, late at night. Sooooo thankful the Dr went to the office to help him!! Two days later he’s feeling great and we are thankful for Isabella Cat Clinic!!

by Anonymous on 08/27/2016

Very pleasant office. Actually care about you and your pet

by Anonymous on 08/25/2016

Very friendly atmosphere and willing to work with a budget!

by Anonymous on 08/20/2016

Highly recommended to any cat owner! Great doctor and staff!

by Emily Filter on 08/19/2016

Staff were friendly and competent, and we were in and out in only 30 minutes for a check up and vaccinations, and they even shaved the mats off my girl’s booty since she doesn’t always practice good hygiene back there! 😉 I would definitely recommend Isabella Cat Clinic for anyone looking for a calm and comfortable vet for their fur baby.

by Alexzander Myers on 08/10/2016

I very much enjoyed the quality of the service at this clinic. I took my little girl for her first and second checkup, and both my kitten and I were treated with care and respect. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone with a feline fur-baby, no matter if it’s your first time or you’re simply looking for a new veterinarian.

by Linda Jensen on 08/09/2016

Staff and Vet were very patient and friendly. Smokey was comfortable in the surroundings.

by Stephanie Mapes on 08/08/2016

Every time I come in we are treated with respect, my cat family gets excellent care. Everything is explained to us so we can make informed decisions on medical care

by Donald Slack on 08/05/2016

Very nice people and they took great care of my cat.

by Lisa Bradley on 07/26/2016

I was nervous about acupuncture but it’s fantastic treatment! My 5 year old lab can barely walk and today after 1 treatment she was rolling around in grass! I am a believer. Looking forward to seeing what happens with more treatments.

by Carol Emmendorfer on 07/23/2016

ICC is the only veterinary clinic that can handle any issue that my precious kitties are having. Dr. Lindstrand is awesome.

by Anonymous on 07/19/2016

I wouldn’t go anywhere else to have my cat taken care of… This place has changed my opinion on vets!! It always seemed like everywhere I took my cat, nobody was actually concerned about what I was telling them, and this vet and the staff made sure all of my questions got addressed. Thanks, everyone!!

by Thomas Darragh on 07/12/2016

A++ experience. Great staff!

by Polly Culberson on 07/07/2016

Everyone is kind and very thorough. They treated my cats like pets of their own: lovingly. Even though the cats objected to a couple of things, they ended up being very calm, were able to settle down in the nearby chair and nearly fell asleep. The staff even helped me get my cats into my car, as I was able to pull up close to the door. My thanks and compliments to all. It’s wonderful to find a practice with staff committed to the care of cats and their special needs, where information is provided on all problems the pet might be having.

by Alexa Noe on 07/02/2016

The staff was very caring and helpful. They did a wonderful job.

by Jean Brickner on 06/28/2016

Very courteous and concern for Bo. They all appear to love their job taking care of our animals. They explained what would be done for Bo. When released he appeared to be content and happy.

by Mico Slattery on 06/26/2016

Nice people. The techs are all very sweet and knowledgeable. Vet very personable and my cat responded well to her. Seems a little bit expensive but not exorbitant. I suppose it could be the result of the specialization of cat care. Beyond that, I would have no problem recommending Isabella Cat Clinic to others. I like the atmosphere and felt that my cat was in very good hands. I will return in the future.

by Megan Taylor on 06/23/2016

My experiences with the Isabella Cat Clinic have always been wonderful! The staff is always so helpful and are always genuinely interested in the care of my two cats. I know that when I take my cats in to the cat clinic that they’re getting the best treatment possible. Amazing service!

by Wendy Yoder on 06/16/2016

As my husband and I are leaving Mt Pleasant, the Isabella Cat clinic is one of the highlights of this town.

by Benjamin Crysler on 06/14/2016

Great service! Both the initial staff members and the Vet were very nice with Ramone and very willing to answer my many questions. They were very clear as to what was required, optional, and recommended. Ramona and I both loved it, and will be going back for all further care.

by Aaron & Katie Jones on 06/09/2016

Very professional staff. Very comfortable surroundings for the animals. They were fantastic with our little guy, and he was visibly calmer than when we’ve taken him to other vets. The Dr. even rearranged some previously scheduled procedures to better accommodate our hectic summer schedule.

by Anonymous on 05/21/2016

Clean cozy waiting area, welcoming and kind staff! I love taking my cats here, I know they are in the best hands! I always tell friends and family to head over to the cat clinic if they want superior care for their cats.

by Liz Ward on 05/18/2016

This was an excellent first time visit. Everyone doled over my cat Gizmo and I learned a possible cause for his 2 year struggle that I had never heard of or been told about before.

by Anonymous on 05/09/2016

Ruby feels so much better. Thank you.

by Cathy Kennedy on 04/30/2016

The folks at Isabella Cat Clinic have always been patient with me as a first time cat mom but more importantly they have been patient with Merlin who is not usually happy about having to visit. The office is clean and has a warm welcoming feeling when you walk in. I was also pleased to see the use an all natural Essential Oil diffuser.

by Dawn Beaudin on 04/23/2016

Always great.

by Janet Felling on 04/19/2016

Very good.

by Anonymous on 04/19/2016

Great experience, they gave me a lot of options and were sure to remind me that I could make all the decision!

by Anonymous on 04/16/2016

This was my first visit to the Isabella Cat Clinic. The atmosphere was very relaxed and home-like which I really liked. Everyone was very kind and knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Having a senior cat comes with its own unique challenges and things to know and I felt as though everyone there genuinely took the time to get to know my cat and assess her individual needs as well as educating me on senior cat care. I would absolutely suggest cat owners in the Mount Pleasant area bring their furry friends here!

by Jarrod Fish on 04/14/2016

They did a great job. They handled my cat perfectly and were super nice and helpful. I’ll for sure be going back in the future.

by Laura Holt on 04/13/2016

I have boarded my cat twice at Isabella Cat Clinic and have been very happy with her care.

by Katherine Roach on 04/09/2016


by Sarah and Kim Kowalski on 04/04/2016

Everything went great. We got in and out quick and everything was diagnosed and treated properly.

by David Whale on 03/23/2016

Always kind and professional

by Anonymous on 03/13/2016

Staff and doc always caring, on time, and expert at what they do!!!

by Laura Orta on 02/26/2016

The staff and doctor are awesome! No other veterinarian has ever demonstrated such knowledge, skill and all around excellence in relation to my animals. I continuously recommend the Isabella Cat Clinic to every cat owner I meet.

by Joy Simmer (Rouse) on 02/26/2016

Love the staff! They take such good care of my babies 🙂

by Lucille McCann on 02/21/2016

These are loving, caring, compassionate and knowledgeable staff! As bad as it gets, and they were there for us.

by Anonymous on 02/21/2016

Amazing Doctors! Caring and compassionate staff. My cats won’t ever go anywhere else!

by Anonymous on 02/20/2016

You can tell the staff truly cares about your cats and wants to do everything they can for you. Love this place!

by Megan Moore on 01/22/2016

Great staff, very helpful and great at keeping my cats happy and healthy!

by Nicole Tipton on 01/20/2016

Staff is very caring with my fur baby. I always feel like they address all my concerns and answer all my questions. I am very happy with the excellent care they provide. I tried several clinics before the cat clinic. I have a cat breed – Devon Rex that a lot of clinics are not familiar with. They have taken very good care of my babies and seem to be knowledgeable of the breed. THANK YOU – cat clinic for taking such good care of me and my babies.

by Amy Strich on 01/17/2016

Extremely impressed with Isabella cat clinic staff. They were extremely friendly and helpful! I would absolutely recommend them.

by April Nahgahgwon on 01/06/2016

As always, Sedona received excellent care and attention while he was at the clinic. The staff is friendly and helpful. Always ready to answer any questions. As always, friendly and helpful staff. Sedona got excellent care.

by Anonymous on 01/02/2016

ICC took great care of my cat while I was away. The staff is very friendly and I would highly recommend them to any cat owner for boarding or health services.